Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Monastery


I just watched the first episode of the BBC 2 series the Monastery (5 guys go and spend 40 days in a Benedictine Community).
Now I have a long held love of all things Benedictine and this really didn't disappoint! Such a beautiful welcoming accepting community. AND some amazing guys on the show.. my favourites so far are the former UDA member and the Essex soft porn boy. Just so broken..

I wonder what the long term knock on might be for numbers stepping up for the novitiate..

Someone needs to drag me back- I'm nearly ready to pack it all in and join.. I'm definitely VERY challenged about living in community.

(p.s. Bro. Tom, no smug "i told you so comments".. its against the rule.)


Kate John said...

there used to be a show on in the middle of the night where they sent celebrities off to far flung nunneries... i remember a very broken and divorced linda bellingham discovering something of God and just crying and crying for days...but going home saying she had been healed of some stuff and she was going to try to read the bible everyday etc.

tim said...

yeah i loved it too... part of me wanted to run off an join but the other part of me gets excited about trying to workout that community/ god/ prayer /rhythm stuff in the "real world".
i saw the essex guy on richard and judy and it's totally changed his life, he gave up his job etc etc...and it just really challenged me. i think the amazing stuff will happen when they leave.
stonefall in the water, ripples they reach the shore.

Linda-Joy said...

after nights and nights of dross on telly - had to choose between 'Life Isn't all Ha ha hee' (which i read as a very good novel -always amazed at multiple talents of Meera Syal) and 'the monastery'(I don't have a video player). Chose the monk-ey prog. I found it very moving when Tony opened up about his past. UDA guy made me very weepy.

Steveybabe said...

Looks as if Prince Charles is getting in on the action too - http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1391167.html