Sunday, May 08, 2005

God loves Norwich

I caught a bit of Match of the Day this morning before heading into the Boiler room: one of the matches was Norwich Birmingham.. man were Norwich lucky. Like, I'm not sure just how involved God gets in football but if he does he was none to subtle on Saturday.


Matt A said...

Hey Jude,
The proof as to if God loves Norwich will be next weekend... They still need a miracle!!

Also are you a Star Wars fan? Just posted my Return of the Sith review (took Chris on Sunday as our act of worship)

rach said...

I'll take this post as a sign that there's still a considerable amount of Bids influence in your life?

jude said...

I thought Bids was an Ipswich fan?

rach said...

Oh... err.... maybe....???

But he was at least from Norwich?