Sunday, May 08, 2005

Election reflections..

I have to say that my excitement at the prospect of last night’s election didn’t let me down. (err, just to warn you all now, this may not make sense, have had not very much sleep!- and am posting on Sunday.. ). I loved the fact that we actually had a NATIONAL mixed up, random, swings all over the place election!!! Thank you voters!

First, thank you students. For Cardiff Central, and for Cambridge (and possibly others). Thank you for 14% swings that show that a Government cannot ignore you!

Thank you posh people. It was fun watching the rich Boroughs of London go blue. Galling, but always good to know that money will never bring itself to vote for the left.

Thank you loyal constituency MP’s. A good couple of independents who have stayed in. To my own.

Thank you to the Reg Keyes, for having the bravery to stand. For making an eloquent and dignified speech.

Thank you Gordon. If you need any help moving….

Thank you Michael… and good night.

Thank you Charles. As successful as Lloyd George- not a mean feat.

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lucy b said...

hey jude, thanks for your comment, im excited about the city!
just a few thoughts on some books-
have you read captain correlli's mandolin? best book in the world.
read an amazing book the other week, the Kite Runner, it made me cry. love you lots, im back on the 25th.