Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Darn phone

I got home just now to find 3 new answerphone messages on my home phone. Popular you may think.. But NO.. just a random, "hello, hello... " a couple of times, lots of silence and a few beeps. Yesterday I got home to four similar messages (and a lovely one from Liz, thank you). And then just now I get another random call from "Consumer Lifestyle", clearly from India. I am annoyed! Why... well frankly its all just a little bit crappy..
1 They assume you are a mister or missis!
2 Why is someone in Mumbai asking me about something in Harlow?
3 I don't like being accosted at home
4 No-one I like ever phones me on my home phone any more (except my sister sometimes, usually on a Friday!)


Oh and if its you trying to pluck up the courage to ask me to marry you.. GET ON WITH IT.. or try my mobile!

Double Pah!

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