Monday, March 07, 2005

Michael the Doctor!!

Best news of the weekend was that Michael has gotten himself into medical school. This is very exciting!! It also prompted some very amusing google searching. Here are two very contrasting (and hugely innaccurate) views of Mr Holland!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The best bit is that this was found on a gay music site! Genius!


Kate John said...

Congratulations michael- this is hugely well-deserved and we is PROPER proud...And you are SO right: Beach toys WON'T save you

jude said...

not even one of those massive inflatable dolphins? I'm crushed!

BTW: Can you tell we're both bored at work?

rach said...

Actually I have to disagree. A beach toy COULD save you if it was one of the inflatable ones and you were lost at sea - you could float with it and therefore save energy by not having to swim. Also, by being brightly coloured (as beach toys are) it'd be easily spotted by a helicopter.

Congrats Michael - fab news! (And don't forget your rubber ring)

Kate John said...

that's true except my memory of beach toys is them all having random punctures...i don't think kate winslet would've lasted long if leo had put her on a blow-up dolphin instead of that piece of furniture

Liz said...

Oo - yeah - my mum told me this on Sunday - WELL DONE :oDD

Oh, and probably not, Kate - I don't think the rubber would appreciate the freezing water.

Although...if it had been one of those banana boat things, he could've fitted on there as well.

Chris said...

Oh but he so could have got on that wardrobe door too... he just didn't think!