Sunday, March 13, 2005

God In Your Hands

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We do this unit with year seven about what does a church look like. One of the students came up with this. I'm not entirely sure that she knew exactly what a statement she was making; but seeing this has really made me think.

How often do we actually live like God is in our hands?
We treat him like he is there to satiate our every need.
We pray like if we just tweak the right God butons he will act.
We command him to endorse our strategies.
We hide him in our pockets when we don't want others to see him.
We restrict him to helping our souls and our wallets.
We occasionally let him out of his cage like a pet rat, but we always put him back.
We talk to him like our invisible friend, who disappears in the presence of real people.

Lord, I'm sorry where I've put you in my hands. Would you forgive me and put me back in your hands? I yield.

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