Sunday, February 20, 2005

Under it!

Hmmm... seems like we're all a bit fed up at the mo. By "all", I mean me and a bunch of friends. Not sure that anything worse is happening than previously. Theres lots changing: loads of us have new things starting and are moving and stuff, but nothing huge. We just all seem to be a fed up.

Maybe God's stirring us all to something more?
Maybe this is that nasty sultry feeling before a massive storm that really clears the air?
Maybe its attack?
Maybe its just after Valentines?
Maybe its the weather?
Maybe God decided that we have mucked it up just once too many times?
Maybe God is hiding so that we will seek?
Maybe we all need to do some exercise?
Maybe we need to stop saying maybe and let God be God in this?
Maybe we should ask God to come and meet us in this?
Maybe we should find comfort in the myriad psalms that talk of this?
Maybe we should let God love us even when we feel unlovely?


Linda-Joy said...

oh I can definitely relate to this!

Chris said...

Me too, 'under it' is definately the right phrase to use.

Kate John said...

Me three. Dunno the answer though. Maybe it's just February. February's always a rubbish month isn't it?
Well, Michael's leant me "Hinds Feet On High Places" and I've only read the start but i think it might help with the answer or at least an allegory of the i'll keep you posted!