Friday, February 18, 2005

mashed up 2- car

So I get up at stupid o'clock this morning when I'm supposed to be on 'holiday' to pick up my car.. which needed £700 of work on it for no reason other than being responsible. Get there... hand back the courtesy car.. pick up mine.. am happy to find that it will cost £80 less than I thought. So toddle off to do the day and just as I approach town... the accelerator pedal retreats to the floor of the footwell where it stays. Unable to stir it from its slumber I call the garage.. then the AA. I read the paper and have a cake (comfort food).. the nice AA man says that its just one of those things and my throttle cable has snapped.

So I go back to the garage.. they can't fix it today.. so I have to get up early to take it back to get it fixed in the morning. And it will cost me teh £80 I "saved" first go round. Whats the deal with that huh?


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