Thursday, December 02, 2004

Reflection- part 2- devotion

I got a bit challenged yesterday- can't quite quantify it- but its something around the whole thing of devotion. We tend to use the word devotion in terms of an activity that we do- when I was working with the Salvation Army we used it to refer to a thought for the day before a meal. Any challenge to more of that was not the most exciting, in fact I was a bit offended.

Anyway, I was really drawn to the word today and spent a bit of time playing around, finding definitions and stuff.

And that is when I stumbled across this gem! Devotion can be defined as:
"the fact or state of being ardently dedicated and loyal (as to an idea or person)"


Now that is something that I can buy into. If that is the challenge to work on my devotional life then count me in. To be ardently (defined as fiery, hot, shining, glowing or impassioned) dedicated and loyal to God! What a privilege! To be dedicated, single mindedly focused on God, wow! To be loyal to my saviour in all circumstances, to not betray His name, bring it on..

Please God don't ever let me reduce my devotion to a few thoughts before dinner.

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