Monday, December 13, 2004

New Toy

I was most blessed last night when I received just the coolest gift. Michael and Jo just got back from their trip round Europe and brought me (drum rollllllll), A playmobil nun!

This is exciting on a number of levels. Firstly, I never had playmobil as a kid and so have always wanted some. Secondly she is a nun, thirdly she has a cape and a Bible and everything. And finally, she is quite shapely which gives me hope for my nun career!

So, you may ponder, why am I telling you all this. Well, firstly we need to name her, all suggestions below.. secondly, in true Maria Von Trapp styley she needs to break out of the Abbey and do a bit of travelling. Watch this space for her travels, and if any of you would like to take her to somewhere exotic then just shout...

Bless you my children..


jeff said...

could she come visit scotland?
and join the ever increasing visiters list to the kurios house hold :-)

jude said...

Certainly can... as long as you get her on camera doing 'the hills are alive'..

Michael said...

Namewise, how about Attila?

Anonymous said...

Stop fighting it Jude.

But, as you know vey well, the best nuns (and monks) wear white.

Hope all is well, why not travel to Turvey?



tom said...


We've been through this. You are going to be a good nun. But you will wear white not black. Like all the best nuns do.

Avoid dirty habit jokes because they are crap and surrender fully into the mother's heart of the ancient Roman Church. That's all thee is to it. (How difficult can it be for goodness' sake?)