Tuesday, November 09, 2004


I had a bit of weirdly fun evening last night. On Saturday I spent twenty quid on teenage magazines (there is a reason!). It was a truly surreal experience.

First all the stuff you get with it: a book of cheats, a notebook, a nail kit, make up brushes, a scarf, a lip gloss/ mascara, a very large picture of McFly, and my personal favourite, a "nothing scares us, except bunnies" t-shirt transfer!!!

It got more weird as we (somehow a bunch of people popped in for various reasons) started to read aforementioned magazines. Suddenly we felt very old as it took us all a couple of minutes to register 'moby' as mobile phone (I think we were all in the small DJ type musician place!). We freaked out a bit at some of the articles but generally were just perplexed by the sheer volune of STUFF you can collect from magazines... don't think there's anything profound to say about it, twas just weird..

Anyway, must away- I have a free poncho to send off for, ooh and a couple of quizzes to find my ideal boy (???!)


Chris said...

I remember those days, a free lip gloss tasting of mould and a quiz that tells you who you're going to marry after answering three multiple choice questions.

But then I also remember the day when that McFly poster would probably have been on my wall!

jude said...

just say and that mcfly poster is yours!! (i won't tell a soul! ;-))

Linda-Joy said...

I know who your ideal boy is - Charlie from Busted right?

jude said...

not wild enough old enough or in love with jesus enough i'm afraid!