Monday, November 15, 2004


I just spent the weekend at Youthwork - the Conference in Southport. There's a whole blog in talking about theplace and all that but I'm not going to go there. I wanted to note the people. It was such a privilege to be able to go and serve there (I was running a prayer room and doing a couple of seminar bits).

Things that leave me humbled:
there were 1400 people there, mainly extra time church volunteers. These are amazing people who give up their time, their homes, their money to serve young people. I felt humbled (and a bit fradudulent) that they were listening to me and my friends.
it occurred to me that there was a huge amount of experience, wisdom and God in that gathering. There was also a huge commitment to learn and to grow. To watch as people engaged in gathered worship, to be part of that was huge.
my interns- well not mine but I took a couple of my trainees with me: they were great. They got chucked in at the deep end and were amazing. Thank you lovelies!
that God, in his infinite (and slightly unfathomable) wisdom would allow me to speak into that place, to bless and to serve.

And so back in school (trying to fathom out the storyline of Skellig?!) I'm a bit gobsmacked. I long for the day when each of the beautiful people I saw on the weekend gets to hear the great well done for what at times must seem fruitless. My prayer is that they would be encouraged, inspired and refreshed as they get stuck back in.

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