Thursday, November 25, 2004


Well having finally gotten rid of the slightly oversized bits of lymphatic stuff in my throat, I'm home.. with a big hole in the back of my mouth. Which conveniently my body has filled with goo..

I'm ok... apparently I have this very amusing rhythm to my life which is entirely dictated by when I last had pain relief! At the moment I'm half way through- but have taken less codeine so am a bit groggy.

What else to say- hospital was interesting. All was going very well till they turned the lights out whereupon my fellow patients turned into vomit, wee and any other smelly substance producers. Have a new found respect for nurses who must have changed about six beds, ten commodes and many more kidney bowls. I reduced myself to iPod heaven!!!

Suffice to say it is lovely being home. Lucy and Kate are doing a fantastic nursing job (including laughing each time I suggest I can do something, usually in a drug induced high that lasts about five minutes). As I tap away roast dinner is cooking which I have to say I am very much looking forward to. Might indulge in some West Wing later- last night's film was Dirty Dancing... back to the days of my youth! Don't forget folks: "no-one puts Baby in a corner!"

So all in all am recovering well. God seems to have made my email go down (home email anyway), probably good to stop me working..

More soon.

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