Thursday, November 18, 2004


Well. Its four days till my enforced week or so of just watching DVD's, reading and sleeping! Such a sacrifice. So I thought I would get busy and think through some of the things I want to watch (I should note that thsi is also to distract myself from the HUGE number of things I need to do before Tuesday!).

I have a couple of books to read (something called Taming the Tiger, Leave a Light on For Jesus, the end of The Shaping of Things to Come). I have a couple of things to write. I have 120 channels of TV. I just need something GOOD to watch. In theory should be easy. In reality- I'm a bit stumped.

So I'm after ten films to keep me busy! Recommendations?


Liz said...

Touching The Void!! Is the latest film (cinema or otherwise) I've seen, and I'm still raving about it.

Liz said... that's not on any kind of watchable format yet... sorry... *grins*

In that case, no idea! *jumps down from box*

Linda-Joy said...

the wedding singer- mindless fun with adam sandler at his least irritating

Anonymous said...

I like "The Magdalene Sisters". Makes you think.

Chris said...

Eternal Sunshine... although of course you've already seen it... but I watched it tonight and wow.

Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favourite Chick Flicks. Watch that for soppiness :o)

rach said...

Down With Love. Its a great film, its got Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger, its funny, slightly kitsch, it has funny music in it and some great twists.

Identity. Scary thriller but very good. Watch it on a good day.