Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Just spent a few days in Barcelona. One of the things that we all went and did was go and look at the Gaudi cathedral.

Its interesting. The whole of the central nave of that building is full of scaffolding. Its orange and weaves it way up a couple of hundred feet looking like a cheesy wotsit infused spiders’ web.

It entirely speaks of being unfinished. And yet it is in that unfinished state that the whole cathedral avoids religion. There can be no religion stuff because all the space that the religious stuff would fill is full of the scaffolding (and piles of things to be added into the big structure). A few of us stood in worship of an awesome Creator God in that place and were moved by the ongoing work that was being put into glorifying His name.

Wouldn’t it be great of we could see that in the church per se. That we are plodding away with our unfinishedness, but in our brokenness we stop religion and allow worship.

There is a beauty on our brokenness that I think we need to embrace as the church. We need to let people come in and see it but also keep working away on it not always being the case.

All hail the wotsit infused spiders web of discipleship. All hail vulnerability.

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