Wednesday, September 15, 2004

OfStEd Observations 3

... this time its personal!

Well what to say, was seen for a lesson and a bit today. Went ok. Have realised that actually I am a perfectionist and therefore am not that happy. My questions is this (strictly speaking are these:)
Did my students become less on the ball than usual just for the inspector? (maybe the stuff we have clearly put in the water to help them behave is addling their brains)...
Did they deliberately not read my writing on the board, laugh at my jokes, or listen to my instructions, or have I always been illegible, unfunny and irrelevant?
Did I completely lose my ability to explain things just for the inspector, or did I never have it and only just noticed?

Despite all my rantings it was nearly a good lesson... the inspector was very lovely and lets face it life will go on.. just next time it will go on with my students understanding.. or else!!

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