Tuesday, September 14, 2004


A couple of murmurs (well actually a fully fledged rant!) about the Batman on Buck House thing. First up congrats to the Sun on their headline.. great pun!! (The Times version of same idea.. not funny..) Go to http://news.bbc.co.uk for the full thing!

The whole fuss about 'what if it were a terrorist' to me is just bilge. On a slightly facetious note: how many terrorists dress up as camp heroes? On a similar vein but more serious: has no-one noticed that Al-Qaeeda do not appear to have bought into our celebrity obsessed culture. Please do correct me cos I'm not totally certain but I do not believe that they have ever been involved in the deliberate murder of a famous person over and above anyone else.

Al-Qaeeda, whilst I do not back their actions in any way, seem to have a far more healthy view of life than any of us. Anyone could be a victim, and whilst that is harsh it doesn't buy into our western world view that one life is more important than another. In fact our view that a western life is worth more than one from the developing world seems to be what is getting us into trouble in the first place.

The reality is that we would simply be more embarrassed should one of our dignitaries be attacked. It would create more press, and once again our facistic media would be able to make us more fearful, creating more votes for those who perpetuate the inequality of life theory that means its OK for us to kill innocents.. (maybe including the guy who just wants to see his kids!!!)

Rant over.

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jeff said...

thats reminded me about an ex ira member who left the ira saying that it wasn't right to bomb innocent people ie. babies and ladies.

but then some one quoted back a rather true quote...

"the purpose of terrorism is to terrorise."

not to punish the wrong people - but to terrorise.